Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ABC News to Host White House Town Hall - NHPCO provides information

NHPCO Provides Information to ABC News in Preparation for White House Forum

To: NHPCO Membership
From: NHPCO Executive Office
Date: June 24, 2009

ABC News will be hosting a Healthcare Reform Town Hall Meeting this evening, June 24, at the White House. The program will be moderated by Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson and will feature a cross section of Americans asking President Obama questions about healthcare issues as they relate to their personal needs. NHPCO provided information on end-of-life care to ABC News producers and helped the news team working on this town hall meeting to find additional professional contacts in the field. A special thanks to our members who assisted with this effort.

While we don’t expect to hear from a hospice patient or family member in this town hall meeting, a good deal of content has been provided and the value of hospice has been expressed by the news team. We hope there will be further attention that focuses on the important work that we are all committed to. As providers of hospice and palliative care, we understand the importance of end-of-life care in healthcare provision and NHPCO is committed to making sure this critical topic is included in discussions of healthcare reform.

For those interested in this general town hall meeting, we encourage you to watch the program on your ABC affiliate station; the program is scheduled to be broadcast live at 10:00pm ET.

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