Monday, February 8, 2016

Special Education Offerings in Conjunction with April’s Management & Leadership Conference

A selection of preconference seminars and education sessions are made available prior to NHPCO's annual Management & Leadership Conference. Full day and half-day seminars are offered on April 19 & 20, 2016. 

NHPCO's Management and Leadership Conference will be hosted in National Harbor, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC) on April 21 - 23, 2016. In the two days prior to the MLC, a number of excellent professional development opportunities are available that address current topics of importance to the hospice and palliative care provider community.

Valuable sessions offered on April 20, include:

Building an Exceptional Physician/Executive Leadership Team
Hear from national hospice leaders on how to develop and strengthen relationships between physicians and executives. Learn why this relationship is so vital to a highly functioning hospice organization. Presented in collaboration between NHPCO and the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

HIPAA Security Best Practices
HIPAA compliance audits are frequent and the paybacks related to violations are large. Learn about the most vulnerable HIPAA security risks and strategies for mitigation.

The Art of Influential Leadership
Influence is the #1 challenge identified by C-suite executives and considered a key skill for effective leadership, impacting the ideas, opinions and actions of others – is essential in today’s highly collaborative organizations.

Build Up Your Hospice’s Defenses: Breaking Down Key Trends in Recent Government False Claims Act and Whistleblowers Cases
False Claim Act cases often stem from whistleblowers that are incentivized by the potential for financial rewards to make allegations against hospices. Learn the types of allegations made against hospices, how they extend beyond eligibility to the anti-kickback statute and related issues such as compensation, relationships with referral sources and the failure to make repayments.

Mindfulness and Leadership Excellence
, digital distractions and continuous partial attention are our norm. The practice of mindfulness – focusing in the present moment with an attitude of open awareness – can wire your brain for leadership excellence despite the chaos. 

Ethics for Hospice Managers
Beginning with an overview of ethical principles, this seminar will identify ethical elements in managerial dilemmas.

See the complete list of preconference seminars and educational offerings that are part of the 2016 MLC.

Online registration is open. 

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