Thursday, July 14, 2016

Feature Your Program Successes at MLC 2017

NHPCO returns to the Washington Hilton for the 2017 Management and Leadership Conference from May 1 – 3. NHPCO is seeking proposals from hospice and palliative care experts designed to advance the knowledge, competence and performance of hospice and palliative care managers and leaders.

NHPCO’s 2017 Management and Leadership Conference learning objectives:

  • Strengthen executive leadership and management skills; 
  • Discuss innovative strategies to respond to changes in the regulatory, health policy and healthcare landscapes;  
  • Develop strategies to adapt to current reimbursement for hospice care and discuss options being considered for the future;  
  • Examine reimbursement options/models for palliative care service provision;
  •  Create organizational systems and processes to adapt to changing circumstances;
  •  Provide tools to ensure the provision of quality, evidence-based, ethical, effective and efficient end-of-life care;
  •  Analyze innovative approaches to improve access to hospice and palliative care by underserved and marginalized populations; 
  •  Highlight exceptional quality assessment and performance improvement practices.
Over 60% of MLC participants have 11+ years of professional experience in the hospice and palliative care field. Thus, proposals to be considered for this conference must be geared toward the expert (advanced) or proficient (intermediate) levels for seasoned hospice palliative care executives and leaders; preference will be given to these proposals. 

Advance leadership in the hospice and palliative care field by submitting a presentation proposal by Wednesday, August 17, 2016; MLC 2017 Proposals.

NHPCO returns to Washington, DC for the 2017 MLC.

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