Monday, September 12, 2016


A series of blogs on the upcoming event THE INTENSIVES from educational content team members. 

Working with the NCHPP Bereavement Professionals Steering Committee to help develop the Bereavement Intensive for bereavement professionals at first seemed like a daunting exercise. 

Taking into account the NHPCO educational needs assessment, the discussion threads on and our own personal experiences led to a wonderful brainstorming discussion resulting in topics that would advance bereavement services to our grieving hospice families and the community. Finding speakers was the next step and great effort was taken to the find just the right speaker. And we did. We are so excited for this Intensive!

The NCHPP Steering Committee believes that social and cultural implications impact grief reactions. Understanding these are critical for bereavement professionals who all work with clients of diverse backgrounds. The Intensive will cover social complexities as well as the complexities of grief and set the stage for learning about treatment innovations in grief work from EMDR to utilizing digital media. Exciting stuff!

In my community, as well as throughout the country, there has been an epidemic of deaths from heroin overdoses. In our grief center, we are treating a number of parents who have experienced these deaths. In addition, many bereaved are struggling with addiction and recovery.  We have a session designated to this topic which will be helpful to bereavement professionals who have had no previous experience with chemical dependency or substance abuse or could use a refresher on this important topic. 

We also have a session on self-compassion. So many of us have experienced personal deaths or have co-workers who have experienced a personal death. We may even have had a co-worker die. In addition, we are experiencing the death of our patients and listening to the stories of our bereaved families daily. This can be exhausting and takes a toll on our hearts and minds. Learning how to manage personal loss in a professional world is a must not only for ourselves but to help those with whom we work.

The Bereavement Intensive was designed for the advanced professional bereavement and those attending will find it well worth the investment.

Diane Snyder Cowan, MA, MT-BC, CHPCA
Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Bereavement Center
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