Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From the Road - New York

As summer sets in, we find ourselves in my home town of New York City. As I stroll familiar streets,  I am reminded of old and new friends, old and new memories, and filled with promise for the future of our industry and those who we care for. I am also filled with emotion.

Last night we strolled by the September 11th memorial, and I was reminded of the time that I spent at the old World Trade Center, of the friends that I lost that day, and of the majestic view of those Twin Towers from the Brooklyn Bridge.  As Manhattan rises up and recreates itself (as it always has) I am also reminded that change is constant, and evolution—sometimes forced, sometimes innate—is a part of life.  I no longer recognize some blocks in New York, but I always recognize its spirit of reinvention. From Alexander Hamilton (who is buried at Trinity Church, near Ground Zero) to yours truly, New Yorkers have often come from elsewhere and have evolved to meet the needs of their City, state and nation.  Changing, but not forgetting our roots


 I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead NHPCO at this important time.  Despite the challenges of our time, I am hopeful that we will continue to make progress toward creating a better and kinder health care system.  As much as hospice needs to evolve, the rest of the health care system needs to evolve in a way that is more person-centered, interdisciplinary, compassionate, and non-acute.  Like Hamilton, we must evolve but must not forget our roots—it is what has gotten us this far.  Onward!

Edo Banach and Don Pendley of the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.
Have a wonderful rest-of-summer with your friends and family.  I will see you on the road.   


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