Monday, July 20, 2009

More Reasons to Attend NHPCO's 10th Clinical Team Conference

The Best Content and the Best Value. Discover why NHPCO's 10th Clinical Team Conference is the best educational value for hospice and palliative care professionals of all disciplines.

The CTC is the only educational event designed to educate the entire interdisciplinary team, offering advanced, intermediate and introductory content for all clinicians.
Plenary Speakers:
  • Vyjeyanthi (VJ) Periyakoil, MD
  • Frank Ostaseski
  • Gary Gardia, MEd, LCSW, CT
  • Brad Montgomery, CSP
    Learn more about these exciting plenary speakers.

The CTC is four conferences in one. The conference features the Facility-Based Hospice Forum, Pediatric Intensive and Scientific Symposium running seamlessly within the Clinical Team Conference.

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