Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Make the Voice of Hospice Heard on Capitol Hill Today

The Hospice Action Network's Advocacy Intensive is in full swing.

Today is the day that more than 320 Congressional offices will meet with Hospice Advocates, hear their stories, and be asked to protect and support hospice! But before Hospice Advocates storm Capitol Hill, they will be energized at a Pep Rally featuring Congressman Tom Reed of New York, Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, and others! You can view the Pep Rally live at 8:45am ET by following this link.

Don’t forget: you can take part in the Advocacy Intensive from home! You can extend the reach of the message of the hospice community, by submitting an email to YOUR Members of Congress. The meetings Members of Congress will have today, combined with your email support of the same message, will together make our voices heard and stories remembered. Click here to send an email now!

Remember: HAN staff will be sharing updates throughout the day on Facebook and Twitter @HospiceAction, hashtag #AdvocacyIntensive! Cheer on your friends and colleagues, see how the day is going!

Friday, July 26, 2013

CMS Final Rule on Hospice Care in Nursing Homes

On Thursday, June 27, 2013 CMS published the final rule regarding requirements for long term care facilities when they enter into an agreement with a hospice to offer hospice services to residents of the facility.

This final rule is the long awaited companion to §418.112 of the Hospice Conditions of Participation, published in June 2008, that set forth the requirements for hospices when hospice care is provided in a SNF/NF or ICF/MR. This newly published final rule outlines the parallel regulations for long term care facilities (LTC facilities) when hospice care is provided to a LTC facility resident. CMS intent was to make the facility rule (§483.75(t)) as consistent with the hospice rule (§418.112) as possible to provide “regulatory clarity for both providers to eliminate duplication of and/or missing services.”

CMS states that the purpose of this rule is to “ensure the coordination of care for LTC facility residents who elect hospice services. The coordination of care is anticipated to result in better outcomes related to quality of care and quality of life for residents. With appropriate coordination of care, we anticipate improved outcomes through more efficient coordination of care between the LTC facility staff and hospice staff, a decrease in duplication of services provided, and improved resident care.”

Resources about the new rule are available from CMS:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Advancing End-of-Life Care Access Award

NHPCO's Advancing End-of-Life Care Access Award recognizes provider initiatives that have significantly increased the type, scope, or range of services offered to and used by a traditionally underserved population.

Eligibility:  This award is open to NHPCO Provider Members.  The program to increase access must be fully implemented for more than 12 months and there must be data to demonstrate concrete outcomes.  Further, the program should be based on a project plan that defines the target population, objectives, strategies, outcome measurement, and intended impact.

Learn more on the NHPCO website.