Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Survey of Team Attitudes and Relationships – Annual Report Now Available

NHPCO’s Survey of Team Attitudes and Relationships (STAR) is the only staff satisfaction survey designed specifically for the hospice field. Originally developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with NHPCO, the STAR is a benefit of membership for NHPCO provider member. 

The 2020 National STAR Report is officially up in NHPCO’s Marketplace! If your hospice administered STAR in 2020, your results are included in this report (de-identified and in aggregate). Provider members that participate in STAR receive the National Report at no charge as part of their participation. 

The STAR National Report groups the question-by-question results within domains so you can easily keep track of which domain the question resides in. Quick reference data visualizations of survey demographics and easy to follow tables of salary data is included.

Highlights from this 2020 National STAR Report:

  • 1,169 employees across the US completed the STAR survey for their hospice
  • More than half of respondents worked 40+ hours per week, and a majority were full-time employees
  • Respondents averaged 5.4 years with their organization
  • Majority of respondents were female, and the average age was 46.7 years old

·        Question-by-question results are grouped within the 6 domains so you can quickly refer to each question's corresponding domain

·        Top-two and bottom-two box scores, which group together results for the highest two and lowest two categories of the rating scale (Agree+Strongly Agree and Disagree+Strongly Agree), are provided.

Use the National Report alongside your hospice’s results to assess how your scores compare to all who participated in STAR in 2020. For comprehensive evaluation critical to organizational quality, the STAR National Report is an invaluable tool.

STAR is one of the performance measures tools that are available to providers as a benefit of NHPCO membership.

Available exclusively in the NHPCO Marketplace for NHPCO members only, the cost is $400.



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